Meet the Artists

Artist:  Dale Lewis, Hastings, MN




Mixed metal and found objects
Price:  $12,000

Artists Statement: The concept and materials for Trapped were provided by Catherine Zimmer, Executive Director of Women Observing Wildlife—Minnesota.

Site Sponsor:  North Iowa Eye Clinic

Title: Medusa

Map: #29 ,  2020-21 Tour
Materials: Mixed Metal
Price: $20,000
Artist Statement:

Pedestal Sponsor: J&J Machining

Title: Crocodile


Map: #33,  2020-21 Tour
Materials: Recycled Metal

Artist Statement: “The Croc is made from salvaged electrical enclosures. I first cut the corners off for gator bumps and used the rest to cover him. I sorted thru many butter knives to find handles that look like gator teeth. The eyes are glass with teaspoon eyelids. You would be amazed at how much time the Crocodile has spent on top of my Honda Civic promoting my sculptures.”

Pedestal Sponsor: Mint Springs Dentistry

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