2014-15 Walking Tour
2014 15 Map
Sculpture Name - Artist, Location

1. American Architect - Martha Pettigrew, Kearney, NE
2. Summer Distractions II
 - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD

3. Seated Couple
 - Rick Haugen, Sioux Falls, SD
4. Puffin Pie - Mary Zimmerman, Paonia, CO
5. End of Day - Dee Clements, Loveland, CO
6. Splash - Deb Zeller, Victoria, MN
7. Grackle Mania
 - Del Pettigrew, Kearney, NE

8. Jamin'
- David Hyduke, Kasota, MN

9.  A Bad Hair Day
 - Jerry McKellar, Colville, WA

10. The Thinker
 - Serge Mozhnevsky, Coquitlan, BC
11. Frisbee Dog - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD
12. The Farmer - Lawrence Starck, Loveland, CO 
13. The Nest
 - Virginia Sperry, Baltimore, MD
14. Flora Grande - Lance Carleton, Lake Stevens, WA  
15.  Threading The Needle - Joellen Domenico, Lafayette, CO
16.  Fat Tire - Lance Carleton, Lake Stevens, WA
17.  Shima - Martha Pettigrew, Kearney, NE 

18. Healing a Broken Heart - Lynn Peterson, Viborg, SD
19. Kinetic Weather Disturbance Ensemble - Douglas Walker, Black Creek, BC
20. Cubist Woman - Dana Parlier, Brooklyn, NY 
21.  Waldgeist - Lee Badger, Hedgesville, WV
22. Natural Wonders - Michele Moushey Dale, Stoughton, WI
23.  The Monumental Professor - Gregory Johnson, Cumming, GA
24. Circle of Friends - Karen Crain, Littleton, CO

25. Look And You Will Find It - Kate Christopher, Mahtomedi, MN
26.  The Music Man - Paul Rieffer, St. Paul, MN
Huckleberry Daze - Jerry McKellar, Colville, WA
28. Girls Can Do Anything
 - Julie Jones Denkers, Fishers, IN
29. Hey, Mary Lou! - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD
30. Burrito - Martha Pettigrew, Kearney, NE
31.  Catching The Wind - Gregory Johnson, Cumming, GA 
31. Fish Story - Martha Pettigrew, Kearney, NE

Photos of the current sculptures - Click to enlarge
American Architect
Martha Pettigrew
  PRICE: $22,000  
End of Day
Dee Clements
  PRICE: $18,000   
A Bad Hair Day
Jerry McKellar
  PRICE: $6,500   
The Nest
Virginia Sperry
  PRICE: $17,500  
Martha Pettigrew
   PRICE: $6,800  
Lee Badger
The Music Man
Paul Rieffer

  PRICE:  $24,000  
Martha Pettigrew

Summer Distractions II

Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby
Deb Zeller
  PRICE: $7,500  
The Thinker
Serge Mozhnevsky
  PRICE: $15,000   
Flora Grande
Lance Carleton
Healing A Broken Heart
Lynn Peterson
  PRICE: $10,650  
The Monumental Professor
Gregory Johnson
Huckleberry Daze
Jerry McKellar

  PRICE: $12,300  
Catching The Wind
Gregory Johnson

  PRICE: $17,000   
Seated Couple
Rick Haugen
  PRICE: $7,900   
Grackle Mania
Del Pettigrew
  PRICE: $12,000 
Frisbee Dog
Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby
  PRICE: $14,500   
Threading The Needle
Joellen Domenico
Kinetic Weather
Disturbance Ensemble

Douglas Walker
Circle Of Friends
Karen Crain

PRICE:  $29,500   
Girls Can Do Anything
Julie Jones Denkers

  PRICE: $12,950  
Eric Thorsen

  PRICE: $4,500  
Puffin Pie
Mary Zimmerman
  PRICE: $5,000   
David Hyduke
  PRICE: $20,000   
The Farmer
Lawrence Starck
  PRICE: $15,000   
Fat Tire
Lance Carleton
  PRICE: $13,000 
Cubist Woman
Dana Parlier
   PRICE: $7,500   
Look And You Will Find It
Kate Christopher

 PRICE:  $22,000  
Hey, Mary Lou!
Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Fish Story
Martha Pettigrew


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