2021-22 Walking Tour

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     Sculpture Name - Artist, Location, *Indicates Permanent Collection, **Peoples Choice

1. White Step - Harold Linke, Lake Oswego, Oregon
2. Lost In A Dream* - Jack Morford, American Fork, UT, (1939 - 2015)
3. Paper Boy* - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD
4. Hope* - Gregory Johnson, Cumming, GA
5. Stand for the Flag* - Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby, , Sioux Falls, SD
6. Three Point One - Alex Mendez, Decatur, Indiana
7. Seated Couple* - Rick Haugen, Sioux Falls, SD
8. Ralph Moose** - Martha Pettigrew, Kearney, NE
9. My Little Deer* - Chrisine Knapp, Lyons, CO
10. Rock Bass - Dale Lewis, Hastings, MN
11. Saturday Distractions - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD
12. Prairie Vane - Dan Perry, Waterloo, Iowa
13. Come Together - Alex Mendez, Decatur, Indiana
14. It's All About the Money - Jerry Nelson, Clear Lake, IA
15. Wild Wings - Heather Wall, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
16. Who Rescued Who?** - Lori Acott, Fort Collins, CO
17. Common Thread - Fred Klingelhofer, Des Plaines, Illinois
18. Trapped - Dale Lewis, Hastings, MN
19. Emerging Knap Pod - Nathan Johansen, Provo, UT
20. Waldgeist* - Lee Badger, Hedgesville, WV
21. Survey - Eric Thorsen, Big Fork, Montana
22. Endless Summer - Gregory Mendez, Decatur, Indiana
23. Windward - Tim James & Aidan DeMarais, Good Thunder MN and Janesville, MN
24. Mother and Child* - Karen Crain, Littleton, CO
25. Bucky* - Dale Lewis, Hastings, MN
26. Maestro** - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD
27. Mellow Fellow - Pokey Park, Tucson, Arizona
28. Puddle Hunt* - Susan Geissler, Youngstown, NY
29. School's Out* - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD
30. The Farmer** - Lawrence Starck, Loveland, CO
31. Crocodile* - Dale Lewis, Hastings, MN
32. Book Peddlers - Jack Morford, (1939 - 2015)
33. The Nest* - Virginia Sperry, Eldersburg, MD
34. Avenue Dream Catcher - Mark Hall, Kasota, Minnesota

35. Hard Hat Kid* - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD
36. Unity* - Heather Wall, Powell River, BC
37. Dragonfly - Crysten Nesseth, Minneapolis, Minnesota
38. The Power of Three* - Kimber Fiebiger (at the Historic Egloff House)
39. Belly of the Whale - Dale Lewis, Hastings, MN
40. Sundays with Jessie - Susan Geissler, Youngstown, New York
41. Full Sail II - Jon Kamrath, Mahtomedi, Minnesota
42. Healing A Broken Heart* - Lynn Peterson, Viborg, SD
43. Kinetic Weather Disturbance Ensemble* - Douglas Walker, Black Creek, BC
44. David & Phyllis* - Wayne Salge
45. Self Made Man - Bobbie Carlyle, Loveland, CO
46. Little Fawn**- Fritz Hoppe, Rapid City, SD
47. Natural Wonders* - Michele Moushey Dale, Loveland, CO
48. Cookie the Turtle - Crysten Nesseth, Minneapolis, Minnesota
49. Cimmaron - Travis Sorenson, Sturgis, South Dakota
50. Summer Distractions II** - Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby, Sioux Falls, SD
51. Today's Readers Tomorrow's Leaders* - Bobbie Carlyle, Loveland, CO
52. Circle of Friends* - Karen Crain, Littleton, CO
53. Little Red Riding Hood* - Del Pettigrew, Kearney, NE
54. The Monumental Professor* - Gregory Johnson, Cumming, GA
55. Huckleberry Daze* - Jerry McKellar, Colville, WA
56. Red Dress* - Shohini Ghosh, Littleton, CO
57. Jam n Eggs - Kimber Fiebiger, Minneapolis, MN
58. Silver Belle - Heather Wall, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
59. Rocky* - Heidi Hoy, St. Bowl, MN (inside Mall)
60. Girlilla and Tiney** - Gary Hovey, New Knoxville, OH
61. Seahorse - Crysten Nesseth, Minneapolis, Minnesota
62. Mr. Eggwards** - Kimber Fiebiger, Minneapolis, MN
63. Confluence - Ken Newman, Cambridge, Idaho
64. Fish Story* - Martha Pettigrew, Kearney, NE
65. American Architect* - Martha Pettigrew, Kearney, NE
66. Polished Performance* - Dee Clements, Loveland, CO
67. Going for the Goal* - Dee Clements, Loveland, CO
68. Crack the Whip* - Dee Clements, Loveland, CO
69. Let's Go Dad* - Dee Clements, Loveland, CO (inside arena lobby)

Photos of the Current Sculptures ---NEEDS TO BE UPDATED WITH NEW SCULPTURES

1. White Step
Harold Linke

2. Lost in a Dream
Jack Morford

Photo of Paper Boy sculpture

3. Paper Boy
Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Photo of Hope sculpture

4. Hope
Gregory Johnson

5.Stand for the Flag
Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

6. Three Point One
Alex Mendez

Photo of Seated Couple sculpture

7. Seated Couple
Rick Haugen

Photo of Ralph Moose sculpture

8. Ralph Moose
Martha Pettigrew
 PERMANENT 2017 People's Choice

Photo of My Little Deer sculpture

9. My Little Deer
Christine Knapp

10. Rock Bass
Dale Lewis

11. Saturday Distractions
Lee Lunning & Sherri Treeby


6. Ralph Moose
Martha Pettigrew
 PERMANENT  2017 People's Choice

Photo of Solitude sculpture

9. Solitude
Tuck Langland

Photo of Asteria- Starry One sculpture

10. Asteria: Starry One
Tim Adams

Photo of Sendai Madonna sculpture

13. Sendai Madonna
Josie Campbell Dellenbaugh

Photo of Who Rescued Who sculpture

14. Who Rescued Who?
Lori Acott
 PERMANENT 2018 People's Choice

Photo of Miss Ellie sculpture by Jade Windell

17. Miss Ellie
Jade Windell

Photo of Waldgeist sculpture

18. Waldgeist
Lee Badger

Photo of Orbit sculpture by David Skora

21. Orbit
David Skora

Photo of Mother and Child sculpture by Karen Crain

22. Mother and Child
Karen Crain

Photo of Lost In A Dream sculpture by Jack Morford

25. Lost In A Dream
Jack Morford

Photo of School's Out sculpture by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

26. School's Out
Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Photo of Medusa sculpture by Dale Lewis

29. Medusa
Dale Lewis

Photo of Hard Hat Kid sculpture by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

30. Hard Hat Kid
Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Photo of Crocodile Sculpture by Dale Lewis

33. Crocodile
Dale Lewis

Photo of Rocky sculpture by Heidi Hoy

34. Rocky
Heidi Hoy

Photo ofKinetic Weather Disturbance Ensemble sculpture

37. Kinetic Weather Disturbance Ensemble
Douglas Walker

Photo of Unwinding sculpture by Kimber Fiebiger

38. Unwinding
Kimber Fiebiger

Photo of Muse-ic sculpture by Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

41. Muse-ic
Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Photo of It Starts With 3 sculpture by Tom Ford

42. It Starts With 3
Tom Ford

Photo of Circle of Friends sculpture  by Karen Crain

45. Circle of Friends
Karen Crain

Photo of Little Red Riding Hood sculpture by Del Pettigrew

46. Little Red Riding Hood
Del Pettigrew

Photo of Red Dress sculpture by Shohini Ghosh

49. Red Dress
Shohini Ghosh

Photo of Unity sculpture by Heather Wall

50. Unity
Heather Wall

Photo of Territorial Wars sculpture by Del Pettigrew

53. Territorial Wars
Del Pettigrew

Photo of Big Flirt sculpture by Christine Knapp

54. Big Flirt
Christine Knapp

Photo of Fish Story sculpture

57. Fish Story
Martha Pettigrew

Photo of American Architect sculpture
58. American Architect
Martha Pettigrew
Photo of Crack the Whip sculpture

66. Crack the Whip
Dee Clements 

Photo of Let's Go Dad sculpture

57. Let's Go Dad
Dee Clements


Photo of Body Emergence sculpture

8. Body Emergence
Sue Quinlan

Photo of Dystopia sculpture

11. Dystopia
Tim James & Aidan Demarais

Photo of It's All for the Money sculpture

12. It's All for the Money
Jerry Nelson

Photo of Parental Love sculpture

15. Parental Love
Deb Zeller

Photo of Puddle Hunt sculpture

16. Puddle Hunt
Susan Geissler

Photo of Little Cowboy sculpture by Lawrence Starck

19. Little Cowboy
Lawrence Starck

Photo of Fly Snag sculpture by Nathan Johansen

20. Fly Snag
Nathan Johansen

Photo of Bucky sculpture by Dale Lewis

23. Bucky
Dale Lewis

Photo of Maestro sculpture by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

24. Maestro
Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby
 PERMANENT 2018 People's Choice

Photo of The Farmer sculpture by Lawrence Starck

27. The Farmer
Lawrence Starck
 PERMANENT 2015 People's Choice

Photo of Rising Rainbow sculpture by David Turner

28. Rising Rainbow
David Turner

Photo of Strings of Happiness sculpture by Osamede Obazee

31. Strings of Happiness
Osamede Obazee

Photo of The Power of Three sculpture

32. The Power of Three
Kimber Fiebiger

Photo of The Nest sculpture

35. The Nest
Virginia Sperry

Photo of Healing a Broken Heart sculpture by Lynn Peterson

36. Healing A Broken Heart
Lynn Peterson

Photo of Little Fawn sculpture by Fritz Hoppe

39. Little Fawn

Fritz Hoppe
 PERMANENT 2019 People's Choice

Photo of Natural Wonders sculpture by Michele Moushey Dale

40. Natural Wonders
Michele Moushey Dale

Photo of Summer Distractions II sculpture  by Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

43. Summer Distractions II
Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby
 PERMANENT 2014 People's Choice

Todays readers tomorrows leaders Alex Kuhn memorial sculpture image

44. Today's readers tomorrow's leaders
Alex Kuhn Memorial
Bobbie Carlyle

Photo of The Monumental Professor sculpture

47. The Monumental Professor
Gregory Johnson

Photo of Huckleberry Daze sculpture  by Jerry McKellar

48. Huckleberry Daze
Jerry McKellar

Photo of 76 Trombones sculpture by Douglas Walker

51.  76 Trombones
Douglas Walker

Photo of Resplendent Fervor sculpture  by Gregory Mendez

52. Resplendent Fervor
Gregory Mendez

Photo of Mr. Eggwards sculpture  by Kimber Fiebiger

55. Mr. Eggwards
Kimber Fiebiger
 PERMANENT 2016 People's Choice

Photo of Girlilla and Tiney sculpture

56. Girlilla and Tiney
Gary Hovey
 PERMENANT 2020 Peoples Choice

Photo of Polished Performance sculpture

68. Polished Performance
Dee Clements

Photo of Going for the Goal sculpture

69. Going for the Goal
Dee Clements 



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